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AR joyeros, Miguel Hidalgo 6 interior 7, Plaza Colonial. Taxco, GRO. (My store is in Plaza Colonial, between Plazuela San Juan and the park, 20 meters down from the Santa Fe restaurant.)
Tel: 011-52-762-6223055
[email protected]
Web Site: Alon Diller's Gallery
Owner: Alon Diller
Languages: Spanish and fluent English
Shipping out of Mexico: Yes
Facturas (invoices): Yes
Payment: Bank transfers to a Mexican bank account, Western Union and PayPal. You may use your credit card through PayPal, even if you do not have a PayPal account.
Foreign clients: Yes, from many countries including the USA, Canada, England, France, Australia, Belize, Japan, Costa Rica and Israel.
Specialty: We, in AR joyeros, produce our own designs. We work with silver 0.950 which is a purer alloy than 0.925 and all our stones are semi-precious and natural. We can also produce our designs in copper and gold plated brass. We employ many silversmith techniques such as sawing, piercing, stone setting, casting, and more.
Owners comment: My name is Alon Diller, a bench jeweler, the owner of AR joyeros and the artist behind the designs. I was born in Israel. I traveled in Africa, South and Central America for 3 years, and arrived in Taxco, Mexico in 1996 to study jewelry and arts in the national university of Mexico. After working from home for a few years I opened my store in the center of town in 2005 and since then I have been selling my jewelry to wholesalers from overseas, galleries and jewelry stores in touristic areas in Mexico and out of Mexico and to the public who visit my store in Taxco.



Guillermo Arregui Joyería, Benito Juarez 13-A local 1 centro 40200 Taxco de Alarcon Guerrero
Tel/Fax: (52) 762 622 70 33
Photo of The Ezequiel Tapia Martinez gallery EMAIL: [email protected]
Web Site:
Owner: Guillermo Arregui
Languages Spoken: English,Spanish, Italian and French
Shipping Out of Mexico: We can ship anywhere you decide which carrier you prefer UPS, DHL FEDEX, & REDPACK ESTAFETA
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes, We are able to get required documentation (Certificado de Origin) to enable us to ship to Western Europe, South America, and, of course the USA.
Foreign clients: We supply clients  in: The United States, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Canada ,Australia, Argentina,   and Costa Rica.
Payment: Wire Transfers to our bank are the most used way for our clients to pay. We are currently working on Paypal
Specialty:We carry an extensive variety of jewelry designs. Guillermo Arregui jewelry uses the techniques: cutting, casting, setting naturals stones, cartoneado, reticulations, inlay, married metals, keum bo. We cut our own stones, so if your focus is in a particular stone you can make a selection from our current stone inventory for the pieces you have ordered.  Guillermo Arregui Joyería focus is in design. We design and produce all our jewelry. Our main design focus is Modern Design. Our jewelry is designed to be worn for all occasions. We even produce  a collection that is inspired by those timeless designs which Taxco is famous for.
Owners comment: I arrived to Taxco in 1985. I studied and apprenticed for over 8 years. My specialty was in one of a kind gallery pieces. I continued to hone my skills till I had enough pieces to begin my own collections. I then went into wholesale production and started Guillermo Arregui Joyería. I have not looked back since. Everything in our Catalogs are exclusive to Guillermo Arregui Joyaria; we can also produce your own copyrighted or designed pieces. We know the value of proprietary designs and will accordingly take care of yours as well.
We guarantee ours products: the silver, gold and natural stones. Working with us, you will experience the professionalism of knowing that there is someone who will contact you regarding the status of your order, guarantee delivery and keep in touch, so you can be assured that what was order will be supplied. We know   that consistency in Quality and finish are what earn long term clients. You can be assured that your order will arrive on the delivery date--you can bank on it!
You can see small parts of our product in our new web site and contact us by email if are interested.



GW Silver Company, Altos de Redondo #7 Bis, Taxco Centro
If your walking: If you are walking up to my office , please go up on the left side of the Centro Joyero (the old los Castillos building), then to the right up the little walking street on the side of the Hotel Mi Casita, until you see a statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe on the wall in front of you . its the next door on the right, #7 BIS. You're there . Please telephone or email to make an appointment..
Come See Our Famous Designs at The Casa Roja!Tel/Fax: 52(762)622-6151
Email: [email protected]
Web Site:
Owner: Graeme Watson
Languages: English and Spanish fluency
Shipping out of Mexico: Yes
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Foreign clients: Yes, from the US and Canada, all of Europe and Australia
Payment: Please discuss your options with us directly.
Specialty: We are known for the highest quality and attention to detail; and for all those who want a personal touch (like knowing exactly when your order will arrive, or talk with me regarding pieces on order) I can guarantee it.
Your order is important to us and we will do everything possible to make you another one of our many satisfied customers. Visit our web site now and see the originality and quality of the designs we offer.
Owners comment: I have been supplying fine Mexican silver for over 25 years. I design and produce high quality wearable silver jewelry with European style.

At GW Silver  I always guarantees quality at a fair price. Make your first stop in Taxco now with a visit to just click here! to see my current collections of fine sterling silver jewelry.


MBNDESIGNS Nilson Nazar S.A. de C.V., Calle Las Palmas No. 6
Belen ( need some new direcciones here!)
Taxco Tel/Fax: (762)622-7622
San Miguel de Allende Tel/Fax: (415)152-2051
Email: [email protected] or contact us directly from
Our website provides a complete catalog with photographs and information on the designs in my collections viewable on PC's or on any mobile device. The Collections:
Forever Classics

Mexican Dramas

Purity & Textures

A Little Bit of Everything

New lines 2018

Owner: María Belén Nilson
Languages: Spanish, English and French
Shipping out of Mexico: Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: Visa & MC, American Express
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Foreign clients: Yes, from the U.S.A., Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, England, France, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Chile, Costa Rica,.
Specialty: Design and quality is our specialty and we work in a wide variety of techniques on sterling silver to achieve the creativity for which is known for.
Owners comment: I run a socially responsible company. With over 20 years in the design, production and marketing of silver jewelry, Maria Belen Designs, offers jewelry design with high quality in every piece made by hand by master silversmiths of Taxco, Gro. Our main store is located in the center of  Taxco, Guerrero. And in 2014 we inaugurate the store in San Miguel Allende, Guanajuato, located on Hernandez Macias 94. With particular attention to every client, we care about all our customers, large and small with professionalism. With a minimum order size of US $ 1500, we can accommodate the needs of most retailers and whosalers devoted to the jewelry business. We value our future business and we pay attention to every detail. We have firm dates and guarantee that each piece in every order is personally checked before shipping to ensure that the level of quality that has made our reputation in Taxco. Our work is fully guaranteed and our communication skills assure that you will be able to track your shipments to their destination. Personal care and accessibility is what is we are known for MBNDesigns. You guarantee your success our success and we never lose sight of that. Browse our catalogs and give us a call. Ask for Maria.



Roy Nilson Jewel  (Owner: Roy Nilson) Calle Benito Juárez No. 13A; Colonia Centro - Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero (Zip code: 40200) We are located between Banamex and the Presidencia Municipal
To See some of my work on one of our Models 2017 just put the click the pic. Tel: +52 (762) 622 29 35 
Email: [email protected]
Web sites:
Owner: Sr.Roy Nilson
Shipping out of Mexico: Yes
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Paypal
Foreign clients: Yes, from the U.S.A., Colombia, Guatemala, Spain, England, France, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, Russia, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Chile, Costa Rica,.
Specialty: My primary work has always been in silver, using traditional and modern techniques, realized by some of the most skilled silversmiths in the world. My attention to detail and quality have been my hallmark and I have built my reputation as a supplier worldwide of some of the finest quality and craftmanship in this lovely precious metal. I also work with semiprecious stones which also has enjoyed a fine tradition here in Taxco.
Owners comment: Originally from Argentina of Argentinian and Swedish desent. I have been working and living here in Taxco for over 15 years. Now, my heart belongs to Mexico and more correctly Taxco. I have been working making designer jewelry for over 15 years. My mission is to provide designer jewelry to those who also distinguish themselves by their desire for style, quality and design. My time in Taxco has also influenced my designs as I have been inspired by the ethnic richness of the history of Mexico and have - I feel, captured some of the beauty and simplicity of this rich tradition of jewelry and design. Many of my traditional works have been inspired by some of the great masters of design such as Hector Aguilar, Antonio Castillo, Spratling and Margot.

My contemporary designs are also appreciated for their attention to detail and their simplicity of design. Clean lines and style will enable both men and women to distinguish themselves in this world of "modern sameness" by my unique pieces. Drop me an email and I will send you a current catalog and pricelist. You can now experience my collections without having to make the visit to Taxco first.



Alejandro Benito Juárez No. 7-C Tel: (762)622-7472 Email: [email protected]
Owner is Sra. Verónica Avilés Arroyo. They have very nice ID chain bracelets and necklaces.

Alicia Plata, Calle Real de Cuauhtémoc No. 1-A (Pass through the zócalo and follow the street by Oxxo. It's just ahead on the right across from Domino's Pizza.)
Tel: (762)622-2028

Azul Mesquite No. 23 Tel/Fax: (762)622-1174 Tel: (762)622-7365
Owned by Sr. Miguel Ángel Mejía and Sr. Eduardo Mejía. They make tubes in knots and other nice things.

Ballesteros (Talleres de los Ballesteros S.A.), Calle Florida No. 14 Tel: (762)622-4235


Ballesteros, Insurgentes Sur 1971, Local 301, Mexico City Tel: 683-7441
Owned by Sr. Hector Loza, a very nice person.

Beatriz Export, Plaza Los Arcos, Benito Juárez No. 11 Tel: (762)622-8188/(762)622-6221
The owner speaks English and she is very easy to work with.

Espinosa Miguel Hidalgo No. 7 Tel: (762)622-7403 Fax: (762)622-5970 Email: [email protected]
Owner is Sr. Daniel Espinosa de los Monteros.

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Joyeros de Taxco Miguel Hidalgo No. 22, Int. 2, Centro Comercial el Pueblito Tel/Fax: (762)622-7516, (762)622-2667
Owned by Sr. Jorge Gómez B.They have a nice selection of well made unusual work.

Lo Maximum Centro Comercial El Pueblito Tel: (762)622-5096
Owned by Sra. Guadalupe Flores Guerrero and Sra. Concepción Gama Villegas.

Montero's Cuauhtémoc No. 14-6 Tel: (762)622-1280
Owned by Sr. Moisés Narvaez Montero. They have high quality heavy pieces at a good price.

Nelly Miguel Hidalgo No 18A Tel/Fax: (762)622-3553
Owned by Sra. Nelly Uribe Landanice. They have good quality rings and nice designs.

Pineda Sr. María 2A de Pilita No. 9 Tel: (762)622-1338

Platería Camargo Plaza Los Arcos, Calle Benito Juárez No. 11, Local No. 20
Tuesday to Friday 10:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. or on Saturday at the Tianguis at Argentina No. 35 Locales 111 & 112 Tel/Fax: 5702-8228

Platería Gloria Plazuela de San Juan No. 7 Tel: (762)622-2047/(762)622-0410 Fax: (762)622-6498

Reveri Plateros Estacadas No. 22 Tel: (762)622-1044 Fax: (762)622-2381

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Silverland Miguel Hidalgo No. 22-5, El Pueblito Tel/Fax: (762)622-4125
Owner is Sra. Janet Uribe Landa.

Sixtar Benito Juárez No. 23-B Tel: (762)622-8204
Lic. J. Alberto Navarro M., Sales Mgr. Export. They have chain.

Tomy Pasaje Santa Prisca, Locales 11 & 15, Tel/Fax: (762)622-4570
Owner is Sr. Óscar Bahena Díaz.

Uribe's Miguel Hidalgo No. 3 C Tel/Fax: (762)622-6291
Owner is Sr. Alejandro Uribe Landa.

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Uriland Oficina de Mayoreo, Veracruz No. 5 Int. 1 or Sala de Exhibición, Benito Juárez 4 Int. 1 Tel: (762)622-3216 Fax: (762)622-5606
Owners are Sr. Victor Uribe Landa and Sra. Magdalena Guizano Villanueva. Have some interesting pieces, work with plastic.









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