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International Language School, C.E.P.I. or Centro de Enseñanza Para Extranjeros, Tel: (762)622-0124
Web Site: Http://www.UNAM.MX

Taxco School of Applied Arts, U.N.A.M., Tel: (762)622-3690
Mailing address: Ubicación de la Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas, Centro de Extension Taxco, UNAM, Ex Hacienda Del Chorillo S/N, Apdo. Postal 150, C.P. 40220, Taxco, GRO, Mexico
Classes are held from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. in fine silver jewelry smithing, from 10:00 A.M. in enameling or esmalte, and from 4:00 to 8:00 P.M. in casting or sera perdida. The cost per month for instruction is US $135. Morning classes are taught by Sr. Bruno Pineda and with Sr. Filiberto Gomez who teaches sculpture. Afternoon classes are taught by Sr. Adan Alvarado. Courses are also available in the fine arts of painting and sculpture and in photography. The school is closed in July and December.
This training program in silver smithing offers you the opportunity to learn from the very best in an environment that is stunningly beautiful. While you are here as a student you may introduce yourself to any and all of the 1000's of silversmiths who make a living from their craft. You may learn from them as well as from your instructors at U.N.A.M.




Begin a new career and experience other cultures in a participative, constructive way.

4- week TEFL-TESOL Certification course with 3 weeks of observed teaching practice. In just 4 weeks, you will graduate with an internationally accredited and recognized teaching certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

There will be plenty of time in this relaxed learning atmosphere to experience beautiful Taxco and the surrounding areas --- Mexico at its best!

Also available, Accelerated 2 –week course for those who do not have the time and/or resources to stay for a month.

AND, we offer an advanced course, which enables you to specialize in the following advanced TEFL subjects:

Teaching Business English
Teaching English for Specific Purposes
Teaching English for Academic Purposes
Teaching English to Young Learners
Teaching IELTS Prep
Teaching TOEFL Prep
Teaching TOEIC Prep
Teaching PET Prep

Please see for all program details.






D.H.L. Taxco, Avenida de los Plateros 25B Tel: (762)622-8090/(762)622-8091
Hours Monday through Friday 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. and Saturday 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.
To receive packages in care of D.H.L. Taxco use your name, phone number, and this address: Ocurre Oficina, Ave de Los Plateros, Taxco, GRO 40230 Mexico. Bring identification to the office to recieve your package (passports are best).

To facilitate shipping packages from Taxco, know in advance the number of pieces of silver jewelry you are shipping, the weight of the merchandise in grams, and the value. Each piece of jewelry you ship must be stamped or marked "Made in Mexico." Leave your package open so that it can be inspected and bring identification (passports are best).

D.H.L. Mexico City Tel: 015-786-9666


D.H.L. WORLDWIDE, Toll Free in the US: 800-225-5345 Website:
This is an excellent way to track your packages and confirm their safe arrival.


U.P.S., Av. de los Plateros No. 28, Local #7, Sr. Rafael Laguna, Jr., Tel: 622-7227 To receive packages in care of UPS use your name and phone number with this address: U.P.S., Av. de los Plateros No. 28, Local #7, Col. Centro, Taxco, GRO 40230
At UPS you may ship one package per day to the same address valued at less than US $2000 without a special Mexican invoice called a factura. You will need to bring a copy of your passport with your visitor's visa and there will be forms to fill out at the office. In advance, know the number of pieces of silver jewelry you are shipping, the weight of the merchandise in grams, and the total value of the jewlery. Each piece of jewelry you ship must be stamped or marked "Made in Mexico."

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Estafeta, next door to the silver shop Rancho Alegre on Ave. Kennedy. If you see D.H.L. or U.P.S., you are there.

FEDEX Cuernavaca 01-7311-4167 or 4166



Shopping   in Taxco




Plaza San Javier, Calle Estacadas No. 32 (walk down the hill in front of Ex Convento; it's just a little way down on the right)Relax With A Great Cup of Coffee, While You Enjoy the Panoramic Views of This Beautiful Colonial Town.
Tel: (762)622-3272 Fax: 622-2351
Email: [email protected]
Owner: Anha Reveri Castillo Mejía
Manager: Martha Mejía Dominguez
Variable by stores and restaurants
Languages: English and Spanish
Shops and Services:

Attorney, Inovacel- Lic. Francisco Moreno Bustos
(traffic accident, real estate, criminal ( In Mexico, Napoleonianic Law... which means you are guilty until proven innocent, so its always good to have a good lawyer, whom you can call at a moment notice.)
Beauty Spa, Inova Icela (call for an appointment at 627-4300)
El Atrio Restaurante
Café/Restaurante del Convento

Sefise - Loan Agency
Silver Shop (call Martha Mejía for an appointment at 622-3272)
Silver Shop Ariax, S.A. de C.V.
Silver Shop Emillia Castillo (jewelry)
Silver Shop Sadé (jewelry)
Silver Shop Valentina Castillo (jewelry)
Comment: This is one of the newer and attractively designed shopping centers here in Taxco. It is convenient, close to a combi stop and offers a variety of services and shops. If you are looking for a shop to rent, this is a good option. Contact Sra. Martha Mejía Dominguez at (762)6223272 for more information.



Tecuani Mijotini, Francisco Figueroa No. 12, Bermeja, Taxco
Tel: (762)622-7391 residence (please feel free to call me at home to make an appointment)
Owner: Profesora Marta Salgado Reyes
Foreign clients: Yes, from all over the world.
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Shipping: Yes
Languages: Spanish and English
Owner’s Comment: I represent a cooperative of indigenous Mexican Indians living in small communities in the State of Guerrero. The crafts which they have traditionally produced are all represented. By organizing the co-op, we were able to arrange transportation for their work from their distant and difficult to reach pueblos. I began working with these Indians nine years ago presenting their work in Mexico at regional crafts exhibitions. In my years of working with them I have learned some of their native language, primarily Nahuatl . Dance, costumes and masks are integrated into their everyday lives. Tecuani Mijotini means danza del animal misterio jaguar or dance of the mysterious jaguar.
Please note: If the idea of this type of work and the benefits it brings to these very isolated peoples --medical care, education, improved nutrition and most importantly respect for their culture -- please contact me. I will make every effort to include you in the work, however you may wish to volunteer.












For more shopping opportunities and for buying crafts in Taxco Click Here!




Casa Borda
Right in town on the zócalo, the Casa Borda is home to the Centro Cultural de Taxco. The Director is Sra. Rosario Cambray Garcia. Tel: (762)622-6617/(762)622-6634. This is the place for the arts in Taxco.

Close up of the Casa Humboldt.Casa Humboldt see below Museo de Arte Sacro Virreinal






Churches See Religion for a full pictorial




Casa de Las Lágrimas






Convento de San Bernardino
Situated between Calle Benito Juárez and Calle Estacadas, this is one of the most beautiful churches in Taxco. It is a former convent.

Ex Convento–see Convento de San Bernardino

House of the Hangman

Iglesia de Santa Prisca y San Sebastian
This is Taxco's most famous church and landmark. It was built by Don José de la Borda, one of Taxco's finest miners. He is singular in having given back to Taxco much of the wealth he earned here.

A fine example of some of Mexico's wonderful post revolutionary murals can be found on the top floor of the Presidencia or town hall on Calle Benito Juárez.




Casa HumboltMuseo de Arte Sacro Virreinal in the building called Casa Humboldt
This beautiful colonial home, now a museum, can be found on Calle Juan Ruiz de Alarcón.






William Spratling Museum...Guiermo Spratling MuseoMuseo William Spratling
Behind Santa Prisca, the town built this museum to house the pre-Columbian replicas Spratling donated to Taxco posthumously. Spratling was in the business of buying and selling antiquities for many years so his replicas are quite good.





Neighborhoods See The "N" Page NEIGHBORHOODS

This is Taxco's older graveyard. It comes alive at the end of October with Taxco's celebration of the Day of the Dead. William Spratling is buried here as are many of Taxco's notables. At any time of the year it is worth a visit for the Mexican charm of caring for deceased loved ones.

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Acamixtla church
Photo of church in Acamixtla
courtesy of Teri Stanford


This is a small town just off the old road to Cuernavaca. Turn off the main road into Tehuilotepec, bear left and follow the road to Acamistla. You’ll pass a bull fighting ring on your left. This town is known not only for silversmiths, but for weavers and the wonderful cotton fabric they produce. One of the weavers on the main road in town and easy to find is Sr. Jorge Jimenez Gutierrez.




Cacalote Falls

This is a tiny town at the end of the combi route. There is a beautiful old church to visit and the walk back to the main road is wonderful and quiet. You'll pass old mines, hacienda ruins, and a popular swimming pool recreation site as you walk back through Santa Rosa and El Fraile.

This is a small village where they grow many of the flowers sold in the Taxco market.

La Cascada
Bathe in frigid water after climbing to the top of the falls.

This is the birthplace of Taxco's cleanest fresh water -- it flows right out of the mountain above Taxco. The views from Chacualco are spectacular.


Acamixtla church

Views of Hotel ExHacienda de Cortez and Restaurant at hotel.

Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford

La Tia Licha,
located in the La Selva area of the city, is a restaurant recommended by a Taxqueñan friend. They serve very good seafood. Pictures are of Hotel ExHacienda de Cortez grounds and restaurant open to the public. Usually open mainly for lunch. Bring your camera and enjoy this 5 star getaway.






Museo Robert Bradley, Calle Netzahual Cóyotl, near the zócalo.

El Europea, this is the place in Cuernavaca for imported foods.

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Temixco is about one hour away on the old road to Cuernavaca and is noted for its large Monday market.

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa
These truly spectacular caves lie just 40 kilometers from Taxco. This is something not to be missed! While there, visit Dos Bocas, a cavern and the subterranean rivers that formed these caves. "Cacahuamilpa" means Cacao Fields in the Aztec language. Combis found across from the main bus station will drop you right at the entrance to the cave site.

Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford


Grutas de las Estrellas
These caves can be found on the road to Toluca, just after Ojo de Agua.

Hacienda San Francisco de la Cuadra
This is a beautiful very old hacienda which was turned into an exclusive hotel in the 20th century. The hotel and its once popular restaurant closed many years ago, but it is well worth a visit. It is just 15 minutes from Taxco.

Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford

Hacienda San Francisco


Hacienda Vista Hermosa
What is now a lovely hotel on sprawling grounds was once one of the several haciendas owned by conquistador Hernan Cortes. Built in the 16th century as a sugar producing hacienda, much of it was left in ruins after the Revolution of 1910. In the mid 1940's it was carefully restored and opened as a gracious hotel. A visit for lunch with a walk around the grounds is delightful and can be combined with a visit to nearby Lago (Lake) Tequesquitengo.


Twenty miles away and 4000 feet lower in altitude than Taxco, Iguala is hot. On Thursday it has a huge open air market where you can buy everything from pots and pans to gold earrings. The market, called a tianguis, is held every Thursday. Don't be in a hurry to get there early; it doesn't really get rolling until 10:00 or 11:00 A.M.

The town of Iguala is best known for the gold jewelry produced there. In the center of town you'll find a very modern building where goldsmiths sell their wares.

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Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford

One hour from Taxco on a very scenic road, Ixcateopan is a
world away from Taxco's hustle and bustle. At the entrance to this small town you'll see a giant statue of Cuauhtémoc, the Aztec emporer overthrown by Cortes. Cuauhtémoc was born in this small town and his remains were returned there and placed in the centuries old church by the town square. Closeby are the Cascadas de Cacalotenango--80 meter high waterfalls. In this picturesque town, the streets are paved with marble. While there stop by and see Sr. Francisco Lopez who lives in a two-story house by the Cuauhtémoc statue. He cuts marble which the town is famous for. He can also be reached at Tel: 01-736-6-23-38. Getting to Ixcateopan is easy. Stop by the combi station on Av. de los Plateros just by the Seguro Social building. They run frequently during the day, but check for the time the last one leaves Ixcateopan in the late afternoon.

Lago (Lake) Tequisquetengo
At about a mile high this huge natural volcanic lake is bordered all around by hills. For many years, it was a playground of the rich, but several kidnapings tarnished its appeal for them. It is only about a half hour from Cuernavaca. Take a bus to Puente de Ixtla from Taxco and a second bus to the lake. If you have time make a side trip to the restored Hacienda Vista Hermosa now an elegant hotel.

Laguna (lake) de Tuxpan
Just five kilometers from hot parched Iguala you'll find water sports at this lake.

Landa is a small mountain town just 10 kilometers from Taxco. There is not much to see except a small old church, but the town offers quite a contrast to busy Taxco.

Las Granadas
Close to Acuitlapan and just 20 minutes from Taxco you can take a 6 kilometer walk to these waterfalls.

According to Frances Toor, an American writer who lived in and loved Mexico most of her life, Noxtepec is interesting to visit during Holy Week.

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Paintla is a quiet town until its festival gets underway. People walk there over the mountains or take buses to join in the charming festivities. Paintla is also well known for its beeswax candles sold by the dozens for the Day of the Dead celebration in Taxco.

Parque del Huixteco
Huixteco is a park at the very top of the mountain. Just after the Day of the Dead celebration, Taxqueñans gather in Huixteco for a weekend festival to collect jumiles, a local beetle full of iodine and used in making a delicious salsa.







Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford

San Gregorio
A one hour combi ride away from Taxco lies San Gregorio, a fertile and well-watered breadbasket for Taxco. The ride alone is worth the trip, but the town itself is quite beautiful. Its very old church is beautifully cared for as are the houses and fields. Catch a combi early in the day in Calle Nueva, just down from Taxco's market.





San Juan de Dios
This is a very small town on the way to the town where the famous Mexican singer, Joan Sebastian, has his large estate. San Juan de Dios as you can see in the note below was a special treat not too long ago. You can still visit the town and walk the dirt road by the river, but the carriage ride was really something special. We are heartbroken that this sweet and unusual day trip has been lost to people visiting Taxco.

San Juan de Dios a Very Romantic Ride Advertised in Taxco's zócalo, San Juan de Dios offers carriage and horseback rides down a tree shaded dirt road running by a rock filled river to visit two old haciendas. At just pesos $200 for up to four people, it is not to be missed.

Just 13 kilometers downhill from Taxco, this is the settlement that predated Taxco's discovery and development by the Spanish. Just by this small town there is a beautiful hacienda called San Juan Bautista. Once owned by the silver designer Hector Aguilar, it is now the property of the Mexican government. A walk around this lovely site is well worth it. Some years ago there was a small interesting and informal museum of geology on the grounds, but we've heard that it is now closed to the public. That is a shame!

Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford




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A castillo at the church in Tecapulco.Tecapulco
Just a few kilometers before reaching Taxco-el-Viejo, you'll see Tecapulco up the hill on your right. A quiet small town most of the year, it comes alive at festival time.





This is a small village below the road to Ixcateopan. Its claim to fame is that for the Easter week celebration they elect a Christ figure who is bound and whipped by the town's menfolk. The same man has played the Christ figure for the last ten years; altogether this is pretty gruesome and bloody ceremony.


The hour long ride to this tiny mountain town is well worth the bumps along the way. It is much higher than Taxco, about 8000 feet, and it is chilly even in August so bring a sweater. The clouds float through this green forested mountain town all day bringing a chill and a magic that is truly something special. Orchids and other beautiful flowers are everywhere. It is a place in Mexico that time forgot.












Tequesquitengo see Lago Tequesquitengo


Like Tenerillas, Tetipac is about an hour's drive from Taxco, but in this case the road is paved and in pretty good condition all the way. The town is small and delightful as you can see in the photos below. It is a lush area in Guerrero noted for its wonderful vegetables and flowers which are sold in the Taxco market. The people in the town are very nice. Years ago, we drove there and had engine trouble along the way. We made it to the town by the skin of our teeth. The local mechanic helped us out and we were back in Taxco that evening.

Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford


Texcalitla Cascada
A walk to the waterfall is about 6 kilometers each way. The falls are great, but from this town there have been attacks on hikers.

Trout farm and ruins


This archeological site is a real treasure, not to be missed if you have a day to visit. Turn off the Mexico City to Acapulco highway at Alpuyeca between Taxco and Cuernavaca to visit this small beautifully excavated site. Dating from 650 A.D., the site was not only very carefully restored, but a museum at the site houses its artifacts and has cultural exhibits relating to the people who once lived there.

Photos courtesy of Teri Stanford

Hacienda San Francisco





Zoofari has over one thousand animals representing more than 150 species. They are open every day of the year from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. and are located just 26 kilometers from Taxco in Teacalco, Morelos, on the old road to Cuernavaca. Tel: 01-7-320-9794 Fax: 01-7-321-3650 or Toll-free 01-800-999-23 E-mail: [email protected] and website




This is a very big city. If you should have to go to Acapulco to the downtown Immigration Office, the Hotel Victoria is nearby and has been recommended.

One of the popular small towns to the north of Acapulco is Pie de la Questa. You'll find tiny hotels ranging from cheap to moderate in price and they are all right on the beach, though the incredible surf makes it unsuitable for swimming.

This is a village about an hour past Chilpancingo where there is a craft market on Sundays with painted gourds as a specialty. Folks from Chilapa also sell delightful small replicas of castillos for about US $10 in Taxco's craft markets..

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Las Estacas Water Park, Tlaaltizapan, Morelia
Tel: 01-734-503-50, 01-734-500-77, 01-734-501-59
The park's hotel for two people cost $70 US with breakfast and entrance to the park cost about $10 US/person ten years ago when we visited. The cost of hotels and parks in Mexico has risen greatly in recent years, so call ahead to inquire about current park and hotel rates.

San Miguel Huapan
This is the town where artisans make the beautiful light tan pottery figures with brown designs you'll sometimes see for sale in Taxco.

Go first to Chilpancingo, then to Chilapa, then to Olinola, and then to Temalacatzingo. You'll find beautiful crafts.
One fellow we met at a crafts fair in Taxco gave us his contact information. Maybe you will find it useful.
Artesania Mexicana, Laca Natural, Sr. Pablo Dolores Regino, Barrio San Felipe, Calle Hidalgo No. 11.
Tel: 756-475-4023/735-308-4580.



Clinica de Belleza Inova Cel, Plaza San Javier Shopping Center, Estacadas No.32, Local 3 (Just across and down a little ways on the street in front of Ex Convento) The shopping plaza has a very subtle black iron sign on its stone facade above the entrance door.
Tel: (762)627-4300 or (762)622-3479 or cell: 044 (762) 109 3238 PLEASE CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT
Owner: Rosa Isela Hernández Ramos
Qualifications: Trained cosmetologist
Hours of Service: Monday through Saturday, from 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and from 5:00 to 8:00 P.M. (please do not forget to call ahead to make an appointment or to check the schedual.)
Languages: Spanish and some English
Payment: We only accept cash payments
Services: Please visit our spa. One of our specialities is FACIALS -- cleaning, nuitrative, firming, dermabrasion, pealing, replenishing. We are also specialist in the well known treatment of Europe called Hydraderm using exclusively the French products of the GUINOT company.

Let us engage you with a surface skin treatment, perhaps no more than a soothing massage. The pleasure and benefits derived from such a comforting intervention no doubt will bring you back for our more profound and intensive restorative treatments.



La Fuente Tiendas, Plazuela de los Gallos No. 5-A
You can have copies made and buy a selection of pens and pads as well as various paper supplies.


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