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Restaurants Inside Taxco Market.MARKETS also see FOOD
Monday--La Carita and el Panteón
Saturday--El Gigante
Sunday--La Cadena




Restaurants Inside Taxco Market.MASKS to see more of this special craft click here!
Tlacozotitlan, bat masks
Chapa, Sr. Beldomero Mendoza, Sr. Santiago Martinez
San Francisco Somatlan, Sr. Anastacio Benitez and Sr. Filiberto Jenoncio Baltazar
Temalacatzingo, Sr. José Antonio Gabriel
Totzintla, Sr. Efrosino Romero Angeles



Sra. Felipa MartinezSra. Felipa Martinez
Extremely reliable and personable, Sra. Martinez can be reached at (762)622-3611 or by leaving a message at (762)622-5968. She cleans house, does absolutely great ironing and she is available by the day. She'll take care of all your housekeeping needs and she'll even shop for your food and cook you a meal. She's a very good cook! We know; Felipa has worked for us for over ten years. We are very very sad to inform all inquires for Felipa's services that she passed away. We will remember her with the greatest affection and remorse at her passing.






A ver ese anuncio en español toca aquí: MASAJE
Ms.Paulina Vargas Romero, Sra. Paulina Vargas Romero
Cell: 044-762-107-3143
Knowledgeable in relaxing and in reducing massage techniques and in reflexology, Ms.Vargas has thirteen years of working experience. She is a great believer in the healthful benefits of regular massage. Not only will you feel better and more relaxed; your heart and circulatory system will benefit as well. You will feel more flexibility and you will have added energy. "A good massage benefits more than the body's surface, it brings a healthful rejuvenation to the entire organism." Ms.Vargas is available by appointment (just call my cell number above) to arrange your massage at your home or hotel.
Reservaciones: (Just call my cell phone above) to make an appointment. If you need a reference just call the Hotel Agua Escondida.
Our Comment:
Paulina has been our masseuse for 10 years. She has a natural ability to find and work with problem areas in the body and is also excellent for an overall rejuvenating massage.


For additional information on Massage, Facials, hair removal, or other associated Health & Beauty topics see SPAS



Dr. Aaron Cohen Bravo, Clinica Santa Cruz, Consultorio #4, Morelos No. 12 Call to make an appointment to see me at the Clinica 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M  M-F from at Tel: (762) 622-3012
Cell: 044-762-623-00-83
Email: [email protected]
Specialty: Internal Medicine
Hours: 2:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M. and 6:30 P.M. to 8:30 P.M.
With the Mexican equivalent of Board Certification in Internal Medicine, Dr. Cohen is well-trained and experienced in his field. What makes him unusual is that he takes the time to listen carefully to his patients complaints and he does a thorough examination. Again see note below. If it is something minor have a go; but if you are concerned, go home and get treatment that you know from someone who has your medical history. It is hard to treat an unknown patient effectively.





Angel Pineda Orozco, Dr. Miguel  Tel: (762)622-3012 or Cell: 044-762-628-0695 Photo of Dr. Miguel Angel Pineda
[email protected] Clinica Santa Cruz on Av. de los Plateros across from Seguro Social. Office hours are 10:00 to 2:00 and 5:00 to 9:00 Monday through Saturday.
Dr. Pineda has been practicing family medicine for 25 years. He speaks English, does not require appointments and is willing to make house calls whenever necessary.
Note: Remember if you are very ill; our best recommendation is to go home; for sometimes that is the safest course, giving the best results. Sometimes, it is true,"you get what you pay for." Good Luck!



Orveta, Sergio, Dermatologist, Consultorio #3, Clinica Santa Cruz, Friday 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

Castelao, Daniel, Calle de los Arcos Dr. Castelao is frequented by many of the resident foreigners in Taxco.

Velez Aleman, Dr. Salvador, Internist, callejón de Constitución del 57 No. 8 Tel: (762)622-1229, (762)622-6889 or at the Clinic San José (762)622-5575.

MEDICAL EMERGENCIES see EMERGENCIES                            

Dr. Ortiz, Clinica Santa Cruz, Morelos No. 12.



MOVIE THEATERS: There are only two in town: one is by the plaza San Juan going up and the other is in the Plaza Taxco. Be on your toes for we have sometimes had the adventure of a small furry animal racing across our feet, can make the picture seem like its in 3-D -- especially if you are seeing an old pic like BEN. 



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