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Chelly's, located in the Plaza Taxco, is one good option.

HARDWARE STORES see Metales Avilés




There are many beautiful hiking areas in and around Taxco as you can see in the photograph. Ask at your hotel for a guide or companion hiker if you are alone. Bring bottled water and a small amount of money.











Almost Every Taxco Fiesta Has  its Queen! Holidays are frequent and special in Taxco. Some of them are wonderful and some quite strange. Some will affect your travel arrangements and some will not. We arrived one year accidentally on the beginning of Semana Santa or Easter Week. It meant that no taxis were able to drive through town and we had to lug our considerable luggage up the hill to our hotel on our own. Not a pretty picture!

1 New Years Day
Not much happens around New Years except at private home parties.
6 Los Santos Reyes
This is the day of the Three Kings when Christmas gifts are given to children. It is celebrated with punch and piñatas.
17 St. Antonio Abad's Day
This is the day for the annual blessing of the animals. Charming straw donkeys, large and small, are sold throughout town and animals are brought to Santa Prisca for the blessing.
18 Santa Prisca y St. Sebastian Day
On this day there is a mass at Santa Prisca followed by lots of fireworks, a great castillo in the zócalo, followed by the infamous toritos. You'll also see the wonderful mojigangas-- young men dressed up as women parading through town wearing outrageous make up and costumes.
20 St. Sebastian's Day
This is the day for a celebration for the patron saint of the Taxco.

5 Anniversary of the Constitution
Parades of the local military with bands of musicians pretty much sums up the celebration.
14 St. Valentine's day
Here known as Día de l'Amistad or Día de Novios, Valentine's Day is celebrated much in the same way the world over.
24 Flag day or Día de la Bandera
Flags of all sizes decorate the town. Parades and fireworks complete the celebration.

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Ash Wednesday or Miercoles de Ceniza

2-3 Celebration at Iglesia Chavarietta
Beginning with a mass, later in the day the celebration continues as people of the neighborhood and those from San Mateo bring food as gifts for people at the fiesta. The dinner is followed by a dance with live music, a castillo and ends with the toritos.
18 Expropriation of Petroleum Day
20 Spring
Semana Santa in Taxco.The beginning of spring is heralded throughout the town with parades of children in costume.

Easter Week or Semana Santa

This week-long dreadful event makes being in Taxco an unattractive proposition during Easter.


30 Day of the Child
In schools and homes there are parties for children and small gifts.

Palm Sunday or Domingo de Ramos
People from Tehuilotepec bring their St. Ramos statue from Tehui to Taxco on a burro with lots of people and palms, first stopping at Ex Convento for a mass and then passing on to Santa Prisca for another mass.

Easter Sunday

1 Day of the workers or Día de Trabajo
Much like the American Labor Day, it is celebrated by taking a day off.
5 Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla or Batalla de Puebla
10 Mother's Day or Día de las Madres
Flowers will be relatively expensive this week! This is a family day.
15 Teacher's Day or Día del Maestro
Children bring small gifts to their teachers on this special day.

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14 Father's Day or Día del Padre
This special day is celebrated with gifts for fathers and family parties with music.

International Guitar Festival and Competition
This is a week long event with concerts scheduled every day with performers from many countries.

6 Día del Padre
This is a day set aside for God, the father. It is a major celebration with bands, fireworks, and castillos at Ex Convento. It is wonderful! A great band arrives at 7:00 A.M. and plays with gusto until 11 or 12 P.M.. Their castillo is one of the best of the year, followed by toritos.

16 1810 Independence Day
Military parades, fireworks and flags signal this celebration. In the zócalo there is a reenactment of the fight.
20 Día de San Miguelito
Celebrated at San Miguel, there are sweet breads and corn, fireworks, a castillo and toritos all accompanied by live music.

To See More Pictures of the United Nations Day Parade of Preschoolers just click the picture!OCTOBER
12 Día de la Raza
This is an occasion for the ubiquitous parades of school children and the military.
24 United Nations Day
This day of peace in the world is celebrated with a procession of the town's preschoolers all dressed in costumes of the world's countries.
30 On this day townspeople clean up family graves at the Panteón.
To see a Pictorial of the United Nations Day parade of preschoolers just click Here!







To See More of The Day of The Day  of The Dead in Taxco


OCTOBER 31 Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos – for the children who have died
These days are very special and town is almost empty as everyone is preparing their loved ones' graves with flowers and candles and gifts of food. It is one of the quietest times of the year in town.
To see more pictures of the Day of the Dead Holiday just click




1 All Saints Day or Todos los Santos – for the adults who have died
2 Fieles Difuntos
20 Revolution Day
The celebration of the revolution of 1917 includes parades, fireworks, and sometimes a castillo.

First Monday in November is Jumil day at Huisteco Park
This is a most special and local event as traditionalists wend their way up to the mountain park of Huisteco. There they camp or visit with each other and collect the local bug called jumil. It is a beetle full of iodine used in making a delicious salsa. Though collecting and dining on jumiles probably dates back to Aztec times, this now very traditional holiday dates from the 1940's.

***SILVER FESTIVAL -- 2009 -- November 25 to December 2nd.
Every year there is a small competition of silver designers accompanied by visiting musical bands and singers, fireworks displays and more. Business continues as usual in the town, but each evening there are special events in the zócalo.

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1 and ongoing until Christmas
Posadas begin as groups of friends and relatives bring Mary and Joseph to each house to ask for a place to stay. They are rewarded with punch and piñatas.
12 Guadalupe Day
This is a major holiday in Taxco celebrated in the Guadalupe neighborhood with special foods like turkey mole, a castillo de muñecas in the afternoon and a castillo with fireworks at night. Little boys and girls wear charming costumes of the revolution.
24 Christmas Eve or Noche Buena
This is a family event typically celebrated with turkey for dinner.
25 Christmas Day
31 New Year’s Eve


There are as yet no homeopaths in Taxco, but you may get supplies and advice in Cuernavaca at Botica Paracelso, Rayón No 22, Cuernavaca Tel: 3-14-37-03


Hospital General Tel: 332-0841

La Clinica San José, Just below Parque Guerrero on the left by the school; follow the callejón. Tel: (762)622-5575
This clinic has a variety visiting specialists from Mexico City and Cuernavaca on Saturdays.

La Clinica Santa Cruz, Calle Morelos No. 12, Tel: (762)622-3012
This is where Dr. Aron Cohen Bravo, Dr. Miguel Pineda and Dr. Hector Zecchini have their offices.





Hotel Posada San Javier, Estacadas No. 32, Taxco
Live In a Tropical Garden At The Hotel Posada San Javier!Web site:
Reservations: Tel: (762)622-3177 Fax: (762)622-2351 (Automatic)
Email: [email protected]
Internet access: Wireless throughout the hotel with two computers for guests in the lobby.
Owner: Fco. Javier Castillo Garcia
Languages: English, French and Spanish
Method of Payment: Cash, traveler’s checks or, NEW THIS YEAR, credit cards -- Visa or Master Card.
Foreign clients: Yes, guests from Mexico and from many other countries call Posada San Javier their home away from home.
Reservations: Recommended, especially on the weekends.
Accommodations: The Posada stands out here as unique with its 18 standard hotel rooms and its seven apartment-like suites. Each of the suites is very individual in its setting and appearance and each has a comfortable living room or area and a kitchen with cooking facilities and refrigerator.

Enjoy The Tranquility in Your Home Away From Home.
Staying at the Posada San Javier while visiting busy Taxco will give you a sense of what the town was like in years past. Our accommodating staff and our garden and pool offer a welcoming respite from all the activity in today’s Taxco. While not right on the town’s small zócalo, Posada San Javier is just a five minute walk from the center. Among the services we offer are a roof top bar/restaurant called Restaurante Café del Convento (just click the red link above), secure parking for guests, cable television, internet and fax access, an accurate message service, and now you can visit the Plaza San Javier Shopping Center (Just click the red letters to have a look at the featured shops !) And when you are leaving, take advantage of our taxi service direct to the airport in Mexico City.
New this year: We have just completed a major addition to the hotel. We now have a fully equipped conference room with the latest equipment to do either power point or overhead presentations for up to 100 people. Our equipment and furnishings are adaptable to suit a variety of conference styles. Please contact us for further information. We've also added two new apartments -- one is a two bedroom with fully equipped kitchen, the other is a studio also with a fully equipped kitchen.
Best features: The Posada San Javier’s lovely walled garden setting right in the middle of town makes it a great choice for both travelers and business people. Its peacefulness is wonderful especially since the hotel also offers all of the services you’ll require while visiting and all with a smile.




Posada Joan Sebastian, Calle Joan Sebastian No.20 (in the stone walking path leading up beside the entrance to the underground parking garage of the Plaza Taxco.
Tel: (762)622-4914, (762)622-1192
Email: [email protected].mx
Web site:
Owner: Dr. José Antonio Ortega Figueroa
Languages: English and Spanish
Method of Payment: Cash
Foreign clients: Yes, we have visitors from around the world.
Reservations: Not generally necessary except during the Christmas holidays and during the internationally well known celebration of Easter in Taxco, called Semana Santa.
Accommodations: Our little family hotel was once the family home of the young and now famous singer Joan Sebastian. The hotel is owned and managed by my family. At our economical and family managed hotel, you will be just minutes from the town square or zocálo and all it has to offer. At the end of the day you can return to your quiet room with access to a full kitchen for cooking your familiar foods and outside areas where you may appreciate the ambiance of Taxco -- its churchbells and starry nights interrupted occasionally with the noise of Taxco's routine exploding firecrackers.
Best Features: Our hotel is centrally located with a great terrace view of the town. It is close to everything Taxco offers, including transportation. At your request, we will answer all of your tourism questions, we'll give you a welcome cocktail and we'll store your luggage for a while.






Hotel Santa Anita, Avenida de los Plateros No. 320
Tel: (762)622-3975 Tel/Fax: (762)622-0752 (fax tone after four rings)
Email: [email protected]
Owner: Sra. Rosalinda Reyes Bustamante
Languages: English and Spanish
Method of Payment: Payment with cash only
Foreign clients: Our family run hotel attracts visitors from many countries including Denmark, Germany, the US and South America.

Reservations: Not generally necessary except during the Christmas holidays and during Semana Santa.

Accommodations: Built forty eight years ago by my grandmother, this twenty eight room hotel is our family's pride and joy. We care for it as if it were our own home so it is immaculate and carefully decorated with beautiful plants and crafts. Above the hotel we have a huge terrace where guests take the sun, use our outside grill and generally relax and enjoy one another. We are very close to the Saturday silver market and many of our guests come to Taxco as buyers so we take security very seriously. We also provide wireless internet access so you may stay in touch with friends and family back home. Eight of our rooms have television and we also provide on site parking.


Best Features: The Santa Anita is a very pretty and economical hotel especially for groups or for those planning to explore the huge Saturday silver market. If you are making a reservation, ask for room number one or two. They have great views and are especially nice.








Hotel Santa Prisca, Cenaobscuras No.1, Plazuela de San Juan in the center of town
Reservations: Tel: (762)622-0080/622-0980 Fax: (762)622-2938 (Automatic)
Email: [email protected]
Owner: Sra. Maria Elena Ocampo
Languages: English and Spanish
Method of Payment: Payment with cash or credit cards (Visa, Master card, or American Express)
Foreign clients: Our colonial tradition attracts many foreign and Mexican clients who call our hotel home when they are in Taxco.
Reservations: Preferably, especially during the Christmas holidays through the New Year and during Semana Santa.
Accommodations: The Santa Prisca is a small hotel with only thirty one rooms, sixteen of which have private balconies and all have private baths. The rooms surround a two story large courtyard filled with flowers and trees. The enchantment that many people feel in our hotel is that it is so traditional. You will feel like you are back several decades ago when Taxco
was a sleepy peaceful small town. Whether you are here as a tourist or doing business we will make your stay as comfortable and secure as possible. Our staff is here to meet your needs and always with a smile. Our restaurant is Enjoy The Tranquility in Your Home Away From Home.also very traditional and at present is open for breakfast only.

Best features: The Santa Prisca will delight you with its lovely courtyard garden, its attentive and friendly staff who will make your stay one which you will want to repeat. The hotel is right in the center of town making it an especially desirable location, but when you step inside to the garden you will feel as if you are in the country. Adjacent parking is an added bonus!




Hotel Posada Collins, Calle Estacas No. 13 (para ver èste anuncio en Español toca AQUI!)
Tel/Fax: (762) 627-6855
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Languages: Spanish and some English
Method of Payment: Cash only
Foreign clients:
Reservations: Because we are a small hotel, it is always preferable to make reservations in advance, especially for week end visits.
Opened in April of 2006, we have eight attractive and comfortable rooms all with private bath and cable TV. A telephone is available to our guests in the office (for making local calls only) and our hotel is entirely non-smoking, probably the only one you'll find in Taxco. There is also an excellent parking facility within a few minutes walk for visitors arriving by car and our rates are very reasonable.
Best Features: We provide excellent service in a very personable and friendly environment. You will not be disappointed. We are close to such attractions as the Saturday silver tianguis, all of Taxco's museums and historic buildings, and to shopping and restaurants.
Note: Please mention when you call to make a reservation or inquire further about our services that you saw us on




Hotel Posada de los Balcones, Plazuela de los Gallos No. 5 Centro, less than one minute from the zócalo
Tel: 627-4840 Tel/Fax: (762) 622-0250
Email: [email protected]
Manager: Lic. Antonio Juárez Castro
Languages: Spanish and some English
Method of Payment: Cash or credit cards Master Card & Visa
Foreign clients: We have visitors from all over the world stay with us while in Taxco. Many of our guests have found their home away from home with us on their frequent visits to Taxco.
Reservations: Accepted and necessary during Semana Santa
This is a family run hotel with all of the warmth, service and security you want and enjoy. Each room comes with a double bed, TV, and private bath for the very reasonable starting price of under $50 US for a double. On the second floor front, the room called “Olinala” comes with huge windows and a tiny balcony with a café table and two chairs. Upstairs right over this room is the room called “Ometepec” which also has large windows and a great view. Another of our rooms called the "Taxco" room has a great view of Santa Prisca. These are some of the best rooms in the house, though the personal touches of local crafts make each of our fifteen rooms special and the location right in the heart of the city can't be beat. If you are traveling with a large party, we can accommodate you. We now have rooms that will accommodate three, four or five adults. Wireless internet access is provided throughout the hotel, so bring your laptop. We will be introducing a breakfast service the coming months. Should you require parking, it is available at the Plaza Taxco for about US $6.50/day.



Hotel Agua Escondida, Plaza Borda No. 4, Diagonally across from Santa Prisca on Taxco’s town square or zócalo
Reservations: (762)622-1166 Tel: (762)622-0726 or (762)622-3064 Fax: (762)622-1306
A View of The Hotel Agua Escondida Complex & Pool. Email: [email protected]
Internet access: Wireless throughout the hotel as well as a terminal within the hotel administration lounge.
Web site:
Manager: Sra. Perla Cuevas
Languages: English and Spanish
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Credit Cards Accepted: MC and Visa & American Express
Foreign clients: Yes, we have guests from all over the world in Taxco on business and visiting as travelers.
Reservations: Recommended
Among the many reasons to stay at the Hotel Agua Escondida is its location. It is the only hotel right on Taxco’s lovely zócalo. This puts you in the center of town where you will feel a part of the life of this small city. The hotel’s 60 rooms are comfortablyA Room With a View of Taxco Center. and attractively furnished; some have private telephones and cable TV. They are all immaculately clean as is the whole hotel and many rooms come with fabulous views of this colonial treasure of a town. Stepping out the door you will be able to negotiate your way easily on foot to just about any point of interest in town. The large rooftop pool, long enough for laps and pretty enough to just enjoy, the open air La Terraza roof top bar/restaurant where you can bring your laptop and enjoy the wireless connection while you dine or relax with a beverage. Room rates begin at $600 pesos/day. The hotel’s modest entrance belies the quality and range of its services. It has internet access for guests, an accurate message service, conference and special event facilities and secure indoor parking.

Always looking to improve hotel services, the owners are planning to open a spa. In the meantime, you can have a relaxing, or reflexology massage. With bathing facilities, scented candles, and a very professional masseuse, this new service has been very popular with hotel guests and the public. Make an appointment by calling the Agua Escondida at Tel: (762) 622-1166.
Best features: Location, location, location, a beautiful pool, and its two good restaurants should keep the travelers very happy. Business people will find the location, the restaurants, the internet access along with accurate message service are all pluses. New this year and certain to be very popular is the FREE wireless internet access at La Terraza Restaurant.

Now for all you visitors you will now get our best rate for your stay. We will beat any other offers from anyone you might otherwise make your reservation at. Reserve your room at our homesite clicking here or the link above, just make your reservation and when you arrive bring this ad and we will give you a 25% discount for your first stay! That is one day out of 4 free. Why? Because we are so certain that once you experience our family run hotel, we will become your home away from home everytime you return to our treasured town. Welcome and be sure to bring this ad with you. Just mention my name: Ramon Cuevas Brito and I promise to make sure your stay with us will be comfortable, safe and very enjoyable!


Casa de Huespedes Arellano, Calle de los Pajaritos No. 23 Tel: (762)622-0215

Hotel de la Borda, Cerro del Pedregal No. 2 Tel: (762)622-0225/(762)622-0226 Fax: (762)622-0617

Hotel Los Arcos, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón Tel: (762)622-1836

Hotel Emilia Castillo, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón No. 3 Tel: (762)622-1396

Hotel Loma Linda, Av. de los Plateros No. 52 Tel: (762)622-0206/622-0753 Fax: (762)622-5125

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Hotel Meléndez, Cuauhtémoc No. 6 Tel: (762)622-0006

Hotel Monte Taxco, Fraccionamiento Lomas de Taxco Tel: (762)622-1300/(762)622-1301 Fax: (762)622-1428

Posada de la Misión, Cerro De La Misión No. 32 Tel: (762)622-0063/(762)622-0533 Fax: (762)622-2198

Hotel Posada Don Carlos, Calle del Consuelo No. 8 Tel: (762)622-0075/(762)622-0579

Hotel Rancho Taxco, Carlos J. Nibbi No. 5 & 7 Tel: (762)622-0210 Fax: (762)622-0010

Hotel Victoria, Carlos Jota Nibbi No. 14 Tel: (762)622-0004


























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