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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Taxco, Mexico! This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Taxco

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For those of you lucky enough to have a fireplace for those chilly winter nights in Taxco, getting a delivery of firewood is no problem. Just call Sra. Alberta Flores who will bring you one or two donkey loads. Contact her at (762)622-5100 to arrange a delivery.




Fireworks at the  Silver Festival in TaxcoFireworks at the  Silver Festival in TaxcoFireworks at the Silver Festival in Taxco


Alvarez, Sr. Margarito Tel: (762)622-1159
Sr. Alvarez is an excellent castillo and fireworks man. He did my 50th birthday party with a bang!



Opps! That's not a flower,...or maybe a Pig Flower?Flowers are an important part of life in Mexico. You can buy them in the market and sometimes from people who bring lovely bouquets in from the country. Flowers are inexpensive and make life just a little more beautiful. Be careful not to give white flowers as gifts; white flowers are usually reserved for funerals.



Calla Lilies
Sra. Maria de los Angeles Custodia Rivera Garcia and her husband, Sr. Francisco Millan Martinez,Calla Lillies Arriving from the Country. come from the village of San Juan Teneria on the weekends bringing dozens of fresh beautiful calla lilies. Keep your eyes open for the couple and arrange to have the flowers delivered to your door each week in season.






Click on Foto to See  My Red DahliasDahlias
In the summer season you'll find Sra. Ana Maria "Anita" Alonso in the market with bunches of vividly colored dahlias. If you feel like a trip out of town, you can visit her and see the flower fields in Tetipac. If you would like to get in touch with her call her cell phone at 044 (762)777-377-1875. If you want to see more of her beautiful dahlias just click the photo!





Taxco Flower Market:

Hey, Hey!! Somebody get me out of here!!

















Inside of Taxco Market.Food shopping in Taxco’s local market, Mercado Tetitlan, is an experience not to be missed. Eye openers, like whole hog heads and mountains of fresh mangos will greet you at every turn. There are women selling hand made tortillas and the masaA Man Who Loves His Chicken! if you’d like to make your own tortillas at home, cremerias for cheese, eggs, and crema. Fruit and vegetable stands, large and small, are at all sides and there are mountains of fresh chicken, including all parts–heads and feet are no exception. Sr. Fidencio Delgado Arroyo in the photo at the left has some of the most delicioius chicken we've had. It’s all very wonderful. One of the best parts of marketing is that you can have a home cooked meal right there. Deep in the market is a building where you can buy fresh baked bread, delivered hot from the bakery in huge baskets that fit nicely on the heads of the carriers as they have a hole in the middle (the baskets not the carriers). Right there are a couple of dozen small kitchens, each with a few tables and a señora with lots of pots on the stove. Fresh juice stands are also wedged in here and there in the same building. Try Our Bolillos...Fabulous!Dive in! This is the place for comida casera, fresh home-cooked authentic Mexican food. After eating a delicious meal of mole rojo, clamoli verde, or a simple caldo de pollo take a moment to walk down to the flower market. Flowers are an essential part of life here. White flowers are to be avoided as home decorations or gift bouquets because they are the flowers traditionally used for funerals. Now, you’ve had lunch, you have your mangos, your chicken, and a large bunch of calla lilies and it’s time for the health food store. Take home some herbal tea and enjoy your siesta.



Carnitas -- A meaty treat for those who would really like to experience a Mexican Treat: Claudia & her family makes what are called: Carnitas and gorditas. Carnitas are the meaty muscles that run next to the spine called lomo in spanish, and gorditas are parts of the pig which have an excess of fat. Either way it will be a one time luxury for the lover of pork. We, when we are in Taxco, would often order some carnitas for Saturday-- the only day that claudia makes it. For carnitas you can go an often they will have a few pieces; if you have some friends coming over and want like a 1/2 pound it is often worth calling ahead to reserve. For gorditas, you can just go around 12:00 PM. and pick the pieces you would like from the basket.
Claudia has been kind to us during our stay at Altos de Redondo ( the little alley way which runs at the corner of  the Centro Joyero in the Plazuela de Bernal. You just go up and then down and you will come across a little shop on the right hand side just next to a small convenience store. We would make a salsa mexicana and have some corn tortillas and a bit of crema alpura; don't forget to squeeze some limon on top of the taco you make with it and then, "die and go to heaven (only for real pork lovers!)

Market Restaurant Fonda “La Chata,” Mercado Tetitlan, Local 338
La Chata Restaurant...Enjoy!!Owner: Sra. Carmela Jaimes Hernandez
Serving Lunch or Comida: 1:30 P.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Comida is the main meal and La Chata has three or four offerings on the menu each day. Monday is the day for her wonderful mole rojo with chicken. Wednesday she always makes enchiladas verdes or rojos de mole, Thursday it’s pozole verde, and Friday you’ll find caldo de camaron hot in the pot. These are some of the specialties they are known for, but they have a variety of other meals on the menu.
Serving Dinner or Cena: 6:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Cena is a light evening meal and here you’ll find antojitos Mexicanos–pozole, sandwiches, tacos dorados, enchiladas, and quesadillas.
Owners Comment: We have been in business eighteen years and are known for our delicious wholesome homemade food.

Carnitas and fresh pork
Call Claudia at Tel: (762)622-2355
She and her family have a small shop selling fresh pork along with their pastry catering business. On Saturday they make some of the best carnitas you'll find anywhere. Call and order early as they go fast, usually by 10:00 A.M.




Vinos Vargas , Toril #15C, in Taxco’s central market.
Owner: Sr. Jaime Bahena Bustos
Tel: (762)622-2280
Photo of Sr. Jaime Bahena Bustos at his Grocery Store in  Taxco's Central  Market. Hours: Open seven days a week from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M.
Languages: Spanish with enough English to help you get exactly what you’re looking for.
Specialty: We are a full service grocery store with the best selection of fine wines and liquors that you will find in the center of town. With more than ten years of experience, our store can be your one stop shopping place for all your groceries from milk, cheese, and fresh butter to candles and canned chilies. Our ham and bacon are first quality, our breads and snacks are delivered fresh daily, and we have a wide range of staple foods like dried chilies, beans, lentils, and rice. And, for a great cup of coffee try our Café Tipo Gourmet. Among our special products you'll find pure Mexican vanilla (the best in the world), extra virgin olive oil, Dijon mustard, Emmentaler and New Zealand cheddar cheese, queso typo hollandes and fresh roasted nuts--pecans, almonds, peanuts, and pistachios. I also have a wide variety of canned fish products like, salmon, octopus, squid, mussels and small shrimp. Not forgetting man's best friend, we also carry Pedigree dog food.
On request we will arrange special orders and deliveries to your home with a minimum order of $150 pesos (about US$15.00). If there are products you do not see displayed, just ask. We may have them tucked under the counter or will get them for you when you next visit.
Jaime's slogan: "The best prices, the best location and the best service!
Our comment: We've known and liked Jaime for years. He's in a great location in the market and carries just about all you'll need in the way of groceries and liquors.




Sra. Dominguez has a place in the market that sells the best bread and rolls. You can call the Panadería to reserve the bread you want by calling 622-4305.

MeatThe Caldreon Sisters

Carnicerias Calderon, Mercado Tetitlan, Locales 182 & 185
Owner: Sra. Flor Calderon y Hermanos
Tel: (762)622-0379 or (762)622-5286
Languages: Spanish and some English
Comment: Located in the central market, this is a family operated shop selling all cuts of pork and beef. You’ll not see anything nicely packaged in Styrofoam and cellophane, but their meats are fresh, tender, and delicious. Ask for a tenderloin or filet mignon and make a barbecue. You won’t be disappointed.




Organic and Natural Foods see ORGANIC FOODS


Quesadillas in the evening "ANTOJITOS ERICK"
OnLydia and a smaller Eric. Now you will see a larger version of Eric. Calle Ojeda, just up from the zócalo, you'll find Lydia serving up a variety of quesadillas and gorditas hot off the grill. Everything is freshly made to order even the tortillas. Some of the filling choices include queso Oaxaca, mushrooms, a chicken mix with chipotles, onion, garlic and longaniza, potatoes, or carnitas (often called chalitos). If you like, they are served with picaditas of cream and grated cheese. Next you can add salsa verde or salsa roja and on the side have some radishes steeped in lime juice and a bit of salad with chiles manzano. These chiles are fantastic; they have the taste of melons and the power of jalpenos. This moveable feast arrives on the street at about 7:00 P.M. and is gone at 11:00 P.M.




Vegetables and fruit

See Cacho or his brother Javier in the market just up the stairs from the flower stalls. They will special order for you. We have them bring asparagus from Mexico City and have never been disappointed with the quality and freshness.

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Sra Florea on Callejón Mesquite #1 makes fabulous tortillas by hand. BUT, you have to order them a day ahead. Tel: (762)622-3303

In the market there are two or three commercial tortillerias, and several women selling handmade tortillas. These are thicker than the commercial variety and come in blue or white corn. The blue ones are especially delicious. Toast them over the open flame on your stove, add some chicken or other cooked meat or cheese, some sliced tomatoes and a bit of salsa Mexicana and you'll have one of the best meals you've ever eaten.



Funeraria Mendoza, Calle Ojeda in the center of town. Tel: (762)622-1095




Diseño de Interiores, Lic. Maritza Peralta Saldaña (Interior Decorator), Tel: (733)332-1037 Email: [email protected] We found Maritza at the Iguala tianguis on Thursday. She was selling some of the prettiest iron chairs we've seen in this area.























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