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All the things you'll need to know to visit, to shop, to live in Taxco, Mexico! This is the place to find what you're looking for if it has anything to do with Taxco

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Finding reasonably priced attractive and convenient accommodations in Taxco can be very di
fficult. You have to know your resources: if you already have enough savings aside for a place here and if you are ready to move in anytime. There is no central listing except at the language school, SEP, and they make their listings available only to students. Many landlords simply hang up a sign with a telephone number at the location they are trying to rent. Keep your eyes open and call immediately. Properties go very fast, especially the good ones. You might try placing an ad on the local radio station, but you will have to have a telephone number where you can be reached. Here are some of the rentals we found when we were looking for an apartment. Please be aware that prices have risen sharply in the last several years and some of this information will have changed.

Many of the better apartments and houses for rent are located on steep walking paths called callejónes which means you cannot arrive by car or taxi at your door. I clearly remember counting the steps – 83 – to our apartment when we lived on Callejón Altos de Redondo. Unfurnished usually means no stove and no refrigerator as well as no furniture. Standard size simple stoves and fridges will usually cost about US $400 each at Electra, delivered. Electra is a nation wide Mexican appliance store with two branches in Taxco.

Thanks to Dominique R., from Canada, the following information has been added to and updated.



What follows is all the information we have on apartments and houses to rent that we collected when we were looking for an apartment. The information regarding prices is dated, but the contacts are probably still good. It is a starting point in any case in a town where finding a good apartment is a little like finding a needle in a haystack. Good luck. We would very much appreciate hearing from you to keep this list as current as possible. Everyone will benefit.

Write to us at [email protected]

Apartments: 1 & 2 bedroom, furnished or unfurnished, Tel.: (762)622-6317
This was a sign we saw one day while passing in a taxi. We have no further information.

I saw a sign on Estacadas no. 22, but didn’t call. (2008)
(747) 117 4367 or (762) 101 0743

On Benito Juarez down the Chavarietta, at the herreria, there is a sign. The apartment I saw was dark, but spacious and nicely painted, at 2500 pesos ( a little higher if furnished I think), lower than the street. (2008)

Acebes, Antonio: see him at Plateria Gloria in the center of town.
Sr. Acebes has several well maintained and reasonably priced apartments, though they are not in the center of town. Prices may start at $1500 pesos or about $150 US/month.

Alvarez, Adrian Tel.: (762)622-0375
Sr. Alvarez and his daughter Amparo have two apartments for rent. One apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen and is fully furnished. It sounded very nice, though we didn’t see it because of the location on a callejón. We spoke on the phone with Amparo who seems very pleasant.
Information from a site visitor (2008):
I was told that there was absolutely no apartment to rent, although it is the Alvarez family phone number.

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Alvarez, Carmelita: Tel.: (762)622-0028
Sra. Alvarez has a house with an umbrella that can be seen from the fronton. We got her name from Sra. Julietta Serano. Sra. Alvarez has several properties. If you are interested, call periodically to see if she has a vacancy.
Alvarez, Patricia Reportedly she has several properties
Sra. Alvarez works in or owns the Centro Plateado near where the ladies sell flowers at the bottom of the stairs into the market through the central silver market or tianguis.

Alvarez, Yolanda: Tel.: (762)622-3260 at home and at work (762)622-3785
Sra. Alvarez rents a small bungalow with a garden in Chavarietta on a callejón.

Anzures, Ciro
Sr. Anzures lives in a nearby village called El Azul where there are no private phones. Call the central village number, (762)622-6910, and ask for him or leave a message for him to call you. He knows about American-style houses and apartments to rent. He is fluent in English, charming, and is available as a driver or guide.

Araceli, Sra. You may get in touch with her at the Plateria Ultima Idea next to Casa Grande in Plaza San Juan. Sra. Araceli is the owner or dueña of a house opposite the new PRI office at Becerra y Tando #16.

Arellano, Socorro: Tel. (762)622-3404
Sra. Arellano has a small one room apartment with a fireplace and private patio. She often rents to SEP students. She was asking $1500 pesos/month or about US $150. The place is very cute. She also has a friend who has an apartment with two bedrooms.

Arregui, Guillermo: Tel. (762)622-3875

Campusano, Rovel: Tel: (762)622-2009
This house for rent is on a callejón next to Photo Press on Avenida Kennedy. It is fairly far walking down, but not far from the street at the bottom of the callejón. The house has three bedrooms, livingroom, dining room and kitchen. At the time they wanted $1,200 pesos or $136 US/month. It is a nice house with good views from the dining room and living room. It is big and in relatively good shape, but is unfurnished.

Caranza, Fernando: Calle Ojeda at the silversmith supply shop, just before the Funeraria Mendoza
Sr. Caranza has an apartment in next to his home that costs about $400 US a month, excluding gas and drinking water. It has good views from the top floor and is very central.

Casa Capuline Tel:(762)622-5088
Located near the fronton, up the alley to the right, Casa Capuline is owned by two women from Boston, Barbara and Diana. Gloria Castillo, Chato's wife, lived there for quite a few years. It is very attractive.



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Casa Cuevas, Calle Ojeda No. 31
Tel: (762)622-8523 days (762)622-1319 evenings
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Elizabeth Rellstab Cuevas
Up the hill on Calle Ojeda they have rooms to rent at $200 pesos/day (about US $20) and apartments that rent for $2500 pesos/month (about US $250) The owner says their apartments are economical, furnished or unfurnished and have great views.
New Information from a site visitor (2008):
The apartments are still the same price, but the one I saw has no real view - the view is great from the shared terrace upstairs.

Estrada, Serafin Sierra Alta #2 Tel: (762)622-1905 at work or (762)622-1219 at home
This apartment was renting for $1000 pesos or about $100 US/month. It has two bedrooms, a garage, not much view, and no privacy.

Flores del Castillo, Obdulia Tel: (762)622-0178
At Calle Ojeda #9, Sra. Flores del Castillo has an apartment below her house with a large living area and bedroom in back. The apartment is on the street with no garden or terrace, but isn't bad. She was asking $2500 pesos or about $250 US/month.

Galicia, Mauricio
Tel: (762)622-7405
This is the apartment over the silver shop, Espinosa. It is expensive at about $1000/month.

Garcia Maldonado, Alejandro
Tel: (762)622-2478
Sr. Garcia Maldonado has an apartment in Cantarranas which is at the entrance to town on the way from Cuernavaca.

Garcia, Katila Tel: (762)622-1681
This is the house next to Casa Serena. It has two separate units that can be rented.

Gomez Suarez, Ricarda These are dark apartments across the callejón from Hotel Posada San Javier at #7. The daughter, Tania, has a cell 044-762-50275. Call and leave a message.

Gomez, Teresa Tel: (762)622-0382
Sra. Gomez has a couple of units to rent.

González, Maria Tel: (762)622-0031
Sra. González has a house on Calle Reforma above the Hotel Estelar.

Hernandez Flores, Juanita
Tel: (762)622-3282
Sra. Hernandez has a small attractive separate apartment in her house at the top of Callejón Mesquite #7. It is small, but very cute with a small terrace.

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Hotel Posada San Javier Tel: (762)622-3177
They have short and long term apartment rentals. All are completely furnished with utilities and maid service included.

Informacion Turistico at La Garita (the entrance to town) Tel: (762)622-0098

Hotel Loma Linda See the hotel owner at the Loma Linda who has apartments to rent on Calle Ojeda.Martinez, Joel Tel: (762)622-2355
Sr. Martinez has a place with two bedrooms, kitchen, and dining room for $2000 pesos or about US $200.

Martinez, Lic. Wilfredo At his house on Plaza Ojeda, up Calle Ojeda, Lic. Martinez has an apartment at $320 US including utilities. It is a two bedroom with a kitchen/living area, and a small terrace for plants only.

Mondragon, Gregoria Lopez Tel: (762)622-0087
See her or her son Mario at Calle Miguel Hidalgo #31. They have a house for rent below the TV company. It rents for $1700 pesos or about US $170. It is a house with a terrace, but no garden area.

Muñoz, Alfonso Tel: (762)622-0576
See him at the silver shop in Puente Ramonet. He has a three-bedroom unit with a big patio furnished for $2400 pesos or about US $240.

Nuñez, Fausto and his wife Catalina, J. Nibbi no. 49
Tel: (762)622-3254
About 200 meters up from the Hotel Victoria, they have several small, nicely furnished apartments in their house.
Information from a site visitor (2008):
I saw a medium apartment with 1 bedroom, a living-room and kitchen corner for 2000 pesos or about US $200. They are very nice people, but upkeep of furnishings and the shared terrace might be better.

Ortega, Gloria
Information from a site visitor (2008):
See her at Plateria Plata Forma on the street to Plaza San Juan next to the pharmacy. She has a small furnished apartment - a living-room, a kitchen corner with only microwave (no gas), and a bedroom on a mezzanine with cable tv, for 3000 pesos all included. It is in her house garden on Reforma (no view). The lady is very nice and helpful.


Paraíso Real Estate, Calle Benito Juárez No. 102, La Garita, Tel/Fax: (762)622-3343 or (762)622-0925
[email protected]
Owners: Rafael Ramírez López, Ariadna Ramírez Jacobo, or Rafael Ramírez Jocobo
Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and 5:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.
Although their main business is real estate these folks may be able to help you find a good long term rental and they speak both Spanish and English which makes it very easy.Alvarez, Adrian Tel.: (762)622-0375
Sr. Alvarez and his daughter Amparo have two apartments for rent. One apartment has two bedrooms, a living room, dining room, and kitchen and is fully furnished. It sounded very nice, though we didn’t see it because of the location on a callejón. We spoke on the phone with Amparo who seems very pleasant.

Paredes de Oates, Alicia Tel: (762)622-0681
At callejón Altos de Redondo #7, she has two apartments for rent.

Plazuela San Juan
Over the Los Adobes restaurant they rent studio apartments for $1500 pesos or about US $150.

Ramirez, Alfonso, Tel. 622-5018 or ask for information at Hotel Mi Casita or Los Arcos.
Sr. Ramirez has a few apartments on Altos de Redondo no. 6, some with view. The one I saw was attractive, with a bedroom, a living-room with a cute fire place, a small kitchen, a hand-washing corner and a balcony toward Santa Prisca for 3000 pesos, and it was nicely furnished colonial style with access to the shared terrace upstairs. He is very nice and helpful. (2008)

Rivera, Uriel Tel: (762)622-6616
Sr. Rivera has an unfurnished house for rent outside of town in Colonia Zapata. He was asking about US $375.

Rodriguez, Soña
Tel: (762)622-1234 or (762)622-4685
Usually you will see signs on the house opposite Checco's Pizza on Calle Benito Juarez. She has two apartments for rent on the plaza of the Chavarietta church.

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Rogel, Alejandro Tel: (762)622-7153
Sr. Rogel is a carpenter who has built this very nice house on Calle Guadalupe. It has a livingroom kitchen/dining room and half bath on the first floor. The second floor has two bedrooms (one with Jacuzzi) and a terrace; the third floor has a third bedroom with bath and an area to wash clothes. Fully furnished, it rents for $2500 Pesos a month plus water at 50 pesos a month or about US $250. It has great views and was well constructed for a new building. The furnishings are attractive and he is using a lot of wood.

Sabelia Segura Bahena, Maria Jesus
Tel: (762)622-1113 or (762)622-2323
The señora has an apartment on Calle Altos de Redondo with a living room, bedroom, kitchen and view for $2000 pesos or about $200 US/month. You can park your car for $350 pesos/month more.
New Information from a site visitor (2008):

I tried only the first phone number, which is Sra. Sabelia’s, but she has no house on Altos de Redondo. She rents two apartments in her house between the end of Callejón Mesquite and the Guadalupe church. I think it is Calle Mesquite, but as is so usual in getting directions in Taxco, street names and house numbers are either unavailable or too confusing to understand. She didn't give me the name of the street or the number of the house, but very kindly sent her grand-son to meet me half-way. One unit is a large one room apartment on the street, the other one she told me has a kitchen, living-room and bedroom, and a balcony on the garden which may be high enough to have a view.

Sotelo, Alfredo Flores Castillo Inquire at the glass shop on the right-hand corner just down from the Hotel Los Arcos. They have a house for rent on the way to Tehuilotepec with 3 bedrooms, living/dining/kitchen. It is fully furnished. They also have a room in their house that they rent for $1000 pesos or about US $100.

Tapia, Ezequial Tel: (762)622-1068
At Calle Eucalyptus #2, near the Estrella de Oro bus station on Av. Kennedy, Sr. Tapia has a two-bedroom, with kitchen and living room. We’ve heard he has other houses too.

Tissot, Ione Tel: (762)622-1157
Srta. Tissot has a few nicely furnished attractive apartments for rent on callejón Mesquite #1. They all have good views.

Urbano, Luis Tel: (762)622-1207
Sr. Urbano has two apartments for rent for about $250 US, excluding utilities.

Villas Marbel Tel: (762)622-1300/(762)622-1137/(762)622-1138/(762)622-3711
Call any of these numbers to inquire about rentals near Hotel Monte Taxco. Rents are not inexpensive, but include maid service.

Zafiro, Hector Castro Lopez Tel: (762)622-6422
See Sr. Zafiro at the store called Zafiro at Calle Miguel Hidalgo #6. The apartments he rents vary from small to large and are all in one building.

Zagal, Miguel Tel: (762)622-4508
Sr. Zagal rented houses and apartments for Alberto Ulrich who is now deceased. Give him a call to see what he has available.








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