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Aviles, Sra. Alma R., Calle Loma Larga No. 38
Tel: (762)622-3126
Sra. Aviles sells elastic bracelets at the Saturday market.
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Aviles, Sr. Fernando
Tel: (762)622-6729
Good cutter and excellent polish work. Makes crisscross bracelets and earrings. Knows how to cut stones and has the equipment to do the work.

Avilés, Sr. Francisco Calle Reforma y Chachalacas No. 20
Tel: (762)622-4482
Sr. Avilés does beautiful work in bending collar necklaces to fit comfortably. He is a very talented silversmith.

Burgos Leyva, Sr. Hermilo Acamistla
Tel: (762)622-5808
Sells high quality silver with inset stones.

Bustamante, Sr. Rafael Segundo de Mesquite No. 7
Tel: 041-762-100-7148
Sr. Bustamante specializes in manufacturing bracelets. His work is of very high quality and he has attractive designs.


Bustamante Jr., Sr. Raffa Segundo de Mesquite No. 7
Tel: (762)622-5880
The son of Sr. Rafael Bustamante, Raffa is a pleasure to work with. He is now specializing in lost wax, but has lots of experience working with lacquer and flowers.

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Cárdenas, Sr. Alfredo, Domicilió Conocido, Landa, Municipio de Taxco 40200
Tel: (762)622-7433

Carsi, Sr. Victor Callejón del Arco No. 19
Tel: (762)622-1439
Sr. Carsi makes wonderful designs of good quality.

Delgado D., Sr. Avelino Miguel Hidalgo No. 6, Planta Baja

Flores, Sr. Bernardo CNOP
Tel: (762)622-0252
Sr. Bernardo makes pretty pendants and less expensive jewelry.

García Cuevas, Sra. Mariza
Tel: (762)622-2150
Sra. García makes small square, round, and triangular post earrings, nice quality.

Gómez, Sr. Omar and Sra. Yesenia Cisneros
Tel: (762)622-3651 Fax: (762)622-1544
These folks specialize in silver and wood, high end and very nice

Gutiérrez Morales, Sr. Manuel
Tel: (762)622-4071
Sr. Gutiérrez once worked for the noted designer, Hector Aguilar. He makes very high quality jewelry.

Hernández, Sr. La lo, Segunda de Loma Larga S/N, Pedro Martín
Tel: (762)622-5184
Does a variety of flat interwoven necklaces in the old style and is very nice to work with.

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Hermanos Reyes A., Sra. Gloria Alonso J. and Sr.Victor Reyes R. Piedra Ancha S/N
Tel/Fax: (762)622-6989
Toe ring manufacturers.

Lagunas González, Sr. Rufino
Tel: (762)622-4569

Leyva, Sr. Mateo Salazar Enfrente de Secundaría s/n, Acamistla
Tel: (762)622-6205

Liomez R., Sr. Eleuterio Near Quadalupe, at Huizteco No. 27

López Pérez, Sr. Pedro Saturday market
Sr. López sells small very light stone rings.

Lorenzo Hernández García, Sr. Antonio, Chorrillo No. 75
Sr. Lorenzo and his wife, Sra. Rodolfina Álvarez, make beautifully crafted jewelry incorporating stones–finely polished, not too heavy, great quality. Can be found on Saturday in the market at Tianguis Veracruz.

Lugo, Sr. Rutilio Rafael Bustamante's uncle
Tel: (762)622-1322
Sr. Lugo does intricate insets.

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Martínez, Sr. Antonio Tehuilotepec
Tel: (762)622-1449
Sr. Martínez does excellent stonework, specializing in rings.

Martínez González, Sr. Ignacio Cerrada de Pilita No. 4
Tel: (762)622-8273
Surpassing the skills of a master silversmith, Sr. Martínez González is considered a joyero or jewel smith. He can repair anything.

Martínez, Sr. Marcos Mora No. 9, In front of the Flecha Roja bus terminal.
Sr. Martínez makes rings.

Martínez Reynoso, Sr. Benito Callejón del Panteón No. 8
Tel: (762)622-1644
He is one of the old style silversmiths.

Martínez Méndez, Sra. Miriam Minerva Florida No. 14 (just by Ballesteros on Av. Kennedy)
Tel: (762)622-4185

Molina Martínez, Sr. Salatiel Segunda de la Vista No. 25
Tel: (762)622-0442

Núñez Gómez, Sra. Gloria
Tel: (762)622-2719
Sra. Núñez Gómez makes very nice rings with cut outs.

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Núñez Martínez, Sr. Pedro
Tel: (762)622-3148

Ocampo Arteago, Sra. Rosa Marta
Tel: (762)622-5599
Sra. Rosa Marta Ocampo can be found at the Saturday market, Tianguis de Mora y Milagros. She and her husband do excellent work and are a pleasure to do business with. They always deliver on time.

Peralta, Sra. Mona Constitución del 57

Reyes, Sra. María Panteón No. 26, Primer Puente del Panteón
Tel: (762)622-4038

Robles Viveras, Sra. Ana María Huizteco No. 27
Tel/Fax: (762)622-1608

Salinas Gutiérrez, Sr. Saloman Tehuilotepec
Tel: (762)622-6223
Sr. Salinas makes stone rings--it's wonderful work.

Santos M., Sra. Francisca Infonavit, EDF 17 Dpto. 102
Tel: (762)622-7002

Sotelo, Sr. Tomas and wife Lolita Segunda de Miguel Hidalgo No. 66, across from chicken restaurant on Av. Kennedy by the bus station
Tel: (762)622-0689
Sr. Sotelo manufactures large quantities of mostly small stamped pieces. His Uncle is a toolmaker who works by pantograph and by hand.

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Taller Mateos Altos de Redondo No. 1
Tel: (762)622-4185
Owned by Sra. Miriam Minerva Martínez, this silver workshop is run by five women.

Taller De Platería "Guille", Sra. Guillermina Díaz and Sr. Artemio Ocampo Pedro Martínez S/N, Taxco
Tel: (762)622-4977
These folks specialize in making small inexpensive nicely made sets.

Taller De Platería "Martínez Cielo" Sr. Sotero Martínez Urquiza y Sra. Andrea Angela Cielo Meza, Av. de los Plateros 319, Interior D, Barrio Pedro Martín, Taxco
Tel: (762)622-6704.
Their specialty is sets.

Taller De Platería Nava, Mora No. 14
Tel: (762)622-8071/(762)622-2426
Owners, Olga and Lugo, sell flasks, basket woven goods, ligoreiras, frutas. Very good quality. They sell their work at the Saturday market below Tianguis Veracruz.

Trinidad Beltrán Álvarez, Sr. José Calle de la Panorámica S/N
Tel: (762)622-4412
Making shackle style bracelets is his specialty.

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Uranga, Sr. Roberto, Pedro Martín down below the highway and above the graveyard in an enclave of about six houses. Sr. Uranga was trained as a mineral engineer. He and his wife have a small machine shop manufacturing inexpensive silver jewelry.
Tel: (762)622-3821

Zavoleta G., José Miguel 2A Pilita #13
Tel: (762)622-7066
More well trained than a master silversmith, Miguel is a very talented joyero or jeweler. He is able to work out designs and to create closures that are truly wonderful. He has worked both on his own and for Antonio Castillo. He began working here in Taxco many years ago for Janna Thomas, the Tiffany designer.





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