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Taxco has long been known for its silver jewelry, tableware and art.  You may shop at wholesale or retail stores or you may contact silversmiths (silver producers) directly if you are buying in quantity (1 kilo or more of one design).  Please scroll through these pages to see some of your options.



Tel/Fax: (502)7762-0907
Stassi P.
Languages: Spanish and a litte English
Shipping: Yes
Foreign clients: Yes, we have customers from all over the world.
Specialty: For those who just want something fun for their tree, we have a selection that will bring a smile to those of all ages. Whether fruit of the garden or animals from the sea you will delight in surprising your children and visitors to your Yuletide celebration.
Owners comment: We do beads and if you have a special request from a beaded board for chess pieces to a beaded elephant or ginkgo lizard we can do it or have it made for you.. any design, or you can choose from our Christmas Collection... just let us know and we can do it for you. Belts, bracelets, or just something for holding your glasses you can find it with us... we can send pics of our current selection; just drop us an email.




Put YOUR stone/ beads/ findings business AD here!, Your business address and your own Photo
Tel/Fax: (762)627- xxxx
Email: Your
Your name
Languages: Spanish and a litte English
Shipping out of Mexico: Yes
Facturas (Mexican invoices): Yes
Foreign clients: Yes, we have customers from all over the world.
Specialty: We have silver and stone beads and findings and something more! As you will see, we have a wide selection of beads and spacers in many materials, including Murano glass, Sworovski and Chinese crystal, pewter and silver. We also have everything you will need to create a completed piece of jewelry -- rings, tubes, closures, etc. All of our silver is guaranteed 925.
Owners comment: I was the first to be a supplier in taxco for people who wished to design and make their own jewelry, so I am always aware of the current trends and have the best selection for our clients. I started this business with the intention of providing everything needed for the designer to create and assemble earrings, bracelets and necklaces. To advertise your store here, Just contact us at at: now!

SEE also Metales Avilés



Jewelry Business
We are selling our Taxco based foreign owned jewelry company. We specialize in producing and selling mid and upper range sterling silver jewelry. Our designs are copyrighted. Sale includes inventory, customer base and extensive contact list, transfer of copyrights and a beautifully designed and easy to use website catalog. Serious inquiries only. Contact us by clicking




Put YOUR business AD here!, Graeme Victor Addison WatsonProduction Management & High End Modern Silver
Tel/Fax: (762)622-6XXX
Cell: 044 762-107-5XXX
Email: YOUR
Owner: Your Name Here!
Languages: English and Spanish
Method of Payment: Bank draft, wire and other methods just contact me.
Foreign Clients:
Yes, primarily from the UK, USA, Australia and Europe.
Shipping out of Mexico: Yes
Facturas (Mexican Invoices): Yes
Put your personal information here!! For Ex: I have been working in the jewelry industry and residing in Taxco and Mexico City for over 30 years, I am experienced in all phases of production and sales of silver jewelry, accessories and decorative tableware. I also produce my own collections of modern Scandinavian sterling silver jewelry designs, which you can now see on my new website: www.yourbusiness website.

A special service which may interest all of you who have exclusive designs in jewelry for your own business. I can provide the manufacture of your own work. It can be represented on a password protected folder which ONLY you can visit and make your work order for production. I then would handle all Phases of production and packaging (with your own barcodes etc.) and shipping as well. You would then have my guarantee of the quality and timely shipments you would like without the hassle of producing the work yourself, or the excuses when your order is delayed. All you have to do is send me a model of the pieces and I will begin to produce your order, without you having to visit Taxco, or Bali, or China, or the Philippines etc. If you are interested just: Write me at: your email and we can get started. You can even have your own catalog page to make ordering a snap! I have clients who have had me produce their proprietary designs for over 20 years.

In the jewelry business you really get what you pay for and getting production delivered to your door (at the quality your business is known for) and when you need it, makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE, no?




PUT YOUR AD HERE!  Be a buyers assistant in Taxco for those who need someone to fill and ship their orders!,Place your ad here today! just contact:
Tel/Fax: (762)622-xxxx
Cell: 044(762)107-xxxx
Languages: Spanish and some English
Appointment Required: Yes
Service: On your working visit to Taxco,Your name or company,will provide the assistance you need to make your work flow smoothly while here. Whether you need help in packing merchandise, guidance in buying, advice on prices and quality, or shipping, she can make the job easier. She has years of experience and solid references.
Owners Comment: We have filled orders to spec for our clients for over xx years. You can be assured that your silver order will arrive on time and to the quality expected Etc....


CASTING (Put your business ad and photo here!) Just contact: )

Alvarez, Sr. Pedro Tehuilotepec Tel: (762)622-6221

D'Karla, Iguala Tel: 01-733-3-25-97 or at home at (762)622-0860
Sr. Juan Carlos Soto Domínguez works in both gold and silver.

Gutiérrez, Sr. Armando Segundo de Mesquite Tel: (762)622-2188

Molina G., Sr. Marco A. Segunda de La Vista No. 38 or 25 Tel/Fax: (762)622-0442/(762)622-7251
Works in both gold and silver and does lost wax in a big way. Has an extensive printed catalog.



Here is some information that may prove useful to you if you have tarnished silver chain. One of the large chain suppliers in Taxco gave us their secret recipe and we're giving it to you.

3 capfuls of Mr. Clean with lemon
3 capfuls of Tide laundry detergent
5 quarts or liters of clean water

Let the chain sit in this mixture for 24 hours. The next day take a toothbrush and rub the chain clean then rinse in clean water. Next put the chain on a dry towel and blow it completely dry with a hairdryer. This recipe came from Brenda Sareñana Diaz Hernandez of the Creations Plateria in Taxco.


Empaques y Bolsas


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Quiroz, Sr. Jaime Catarina No. 9 Tel: (762)622-2549 or (762)622-0167
Sr. Quiroz is well known for his beautifully made enameled jewelry.



“Put your engraving business here!”, Put your address and business photo here!
Tel: (762) 622-xxxx
Owners Name: Your name here!
Foreign clients: Yes, I have done work for people from many countries.
Hours: Saturday Tianguis from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.
Specialty: Write your speciality here! For example: I have been an engraver for many, many years. I once worked for the well-known jewelry designer Hector Aguilar and over the years I have done many special engraving assignments for the government along with the work I have done for individuals.

ENGRAVING by Machine

If you go up to the Plaza de Los Gallos from the Zocalo just as you get to the top, on left you will see the silver shop of Virginio -- there they have a mechanical engraver just ask for his current prices.






Martínez, Sr. Ricardo Tel: (762)622-6732
Sr. Martínez sells all sorts of gift bags for jewelry. His wife's name is Cecilia. They do nice work and deliver on time.










PACKING SUPPLIES (Boxes, Bags, Pens & Sundries) SEE P PAGE



Moronotti on Avenida de los Plateros, take the first left after the arch.




In Taxco most silver jewelry is sold by its weight in grams, which includes both the cost of metal and labor. When you buy from a shop, whether retail or wholesale, you will be given a per gram price. The jewelry or other silver work you are buying will be weighed and you will be given your bill by weight.

If you are buying very light pieces of jewelry or non-jewelry silver objects, you will most likely be given a per piece price. Prices for these categories of work are not based on weight.

If you are working with a manufacturer, whether large or small, you may be offered the option of paying the labor separately if you supply the silver. Labor is called mano de obra and the cost of work ranges from low to high based on the quality of the work and the silversmith's reputation. Mano de obra for gold work in Taxco is high, as is the gram weight cost of the metal.


Photo of Raw Silver Called GranallaPRICE OF SILVER see KITCO or

In Taxco, pure silver is called granilla. It is sold by the gram and prices are quoted in pesos per kilo which is 1000 grams. The price floats on the open world market where silver is measured in ounces and quoted in US dollars.



Comercializadora Carsi, S.A. de C.V., Benito Juárez #23-C in the Estrada Shopping area by Ex Convento.
Tel: (762)622-3824  Fax: (762)622-8082
Owners Name: Sr. Jose Gerardo Carsi Rodriguez
Hours: 9:30 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. and 4:30 to 8:00 P.M. Monday through Saturday
Type of Business: Sr. Carsi offers two important services. He sells guaranteed 99% pure and exactly weighed silver called granilla in both retail and wholesale quantities. He also gives the best exchange rate for monetary instruments including checks and travelers checks.



How to Ship Silver see -- SHIPPING












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